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When you hire Azule, you get 100% commitment of our IT experience to protect your networks and meet your cyber staffing needs. You also help transitioning veterans find meaningful civilian careers.

Protect Your Assets with Expert Cyber Defense

Azule Cyber is a veteran-owned firm specializing in cyber security services and network security staffing. Whether you need consulting and project-based services or qualified candidates for your cyber security team, Azule can help. We have decades of experience in IT, and we rank at the top of Fortune 500 scorecards for our ability to match great candidates with the right positions.


There’s a war going on that doesn’t take place on land, at sea, or in the air.

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Greater than 95% of the Veterans that have reached out to us, have been assisted through Azule and the Azule Foundation. You also help transitioning veterans find meaningful civilian careers.


The Azule Cyber Academy hand selects military veterans with cyber security skills and provides training and certification for today’s job market. That means you get a candidate who is a passionate, highly qualified, trained security professional.

Whenever possible, Azule fills positions with transitioning military veterans. If the right candidate can’t be found in our Veteran Database, Azule will fill the position with the most qualified candidate available. We then contribute a portion of the proceeds to initiatives that help veterans find employment, housing, financial assistance, and more.

Our philosophy is this: Is it good for the client? Is it good for the veteran? Is it good for Azule? Then do it! This approach means fewer net profits, but it also means Azule makes a huge difference for our community. We feel so strongly about helping veterans that we created the Azule Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to getting vets the help they need and deserve.



Industry-based, Intelligence-sharing Groups and Organizations

Global and U.S. Companies

U.S. Military Cyber Defense Experts

U.S. Military Veterans and Service Members (Primary source of Cyber Academy students)

Network Security Technology Companies (FireEye, Palo Alto Networks, Archer, HP-Fortify, Cisco, etc.)

US Government Security Agencies (NSA, FBI, DOD, etc.)

Cyber Security Training and Certifications (Azule Cyber Academy)

Need a healthier cyber ecosystem? Looking for more allies—including highly trained U.S. military veterans Contact Azule Cyber today for cyber security analysis, strategy, and staffing.

hp-Hack There’s a war going on that doesn’t take place on land, at sea, or in the air. Every day Malicious intents of exploiting or damaging your company are waiting for the right time to take action.
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hp-Veteran Choosing Azule Cyber means you’re getting the expert cyber security you need while helping U.S. military veterans pursue meaningful careers, secure housing, gain financial assistance, and more.
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hp-Lock Azule Cyber specializes in finding you qualified cyber security experts with a range of certifications at all levels—from a chief information security officer (CISO) to a cyber threat task force.
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